Amateur Radio

I am happy to be a member of this online radio station. Streaming ambient music every Thursday at 20.30 UK time.

Amateur Radio tries to cover all aspects and genres of global music production and its main interest is that people in is team are free to select and play the music they want -no strings and no taboos attached. The aim is to maintain an amateur approach towards things while trying to develop the schedule and programming and make it easier for listeners to access the content. Amateur Radio’s main objective is to have a team of radio producers from all around the world since internet and technology offer this great opportunity, since music has no borders.

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James Enox

James Enox is an Artist and a Friend.
Using media such as graphic pens, pencils and markers as well as the digital arts, J.E exhibits work on canvas and t-shirts. Influenced by the street art culture and the electronic music of the 90′s his themes are characterised by linear simplicity.

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